The difference between digital marketing and amateurs and professionals who get results is the tools that they use. I’m going to share five of the best digital marketing tools to grow a business. You can use them all on a daily basis and they’re all absolutely free.

The first tool is
If you want to get the digital marketing strategy for any business in about five minutes then this is the tool to use. All you need to do is to type in a competitor or website that has a similar audience to the one that you want to attract. Similarweb will create a marketing report, showing you a behind the scenes look at how they get website visitors. You can now see how much traffic they’re getting per month, what are the countries the traffic is coming from, what are the different marketing channels that they are focusing, what are the websites that are sending them traffic, what are the phrases and words that people are typing into the search engine that is bringing them to their site and what is the social media channel is they’re focusing on.
It’s just an incredible look behind the scenes at any business, how they market it and what’s successful for them. You can take and apply those strategies for yourself.

The second tool is Google Trends:
This is an incredibly useful tool. If you want to find hot topic ideas for blog posts or YouTube videos then there’s no better tool than Google Trends. That is because Google Trends really shows you what the world is searching for.
If you want to create a video or blog post about a topic, for example, “Blogging”. Type that into Google Trends, Change the filter to the last 30 days. If you want you can change the country. What you have to look for are break out terms. If you see a term like “best blogging platform” is up 110 percent over the last 30 days and ” can you really make money from blogging” is “break out” meaning it’s way above that, maybe even 150 percent.
This is telling you; over the last 30 days, there has been an explosion of people typing “Blogging” into Google. So if you could create a YouTube video or a blog post about blogging, you’re going be able to get to the top of the search results or the top YouTube video because not a lot of other people have created content on this topic in the last 30 days. So if you want to write about a non-saturated topic, look at Google Trends and the “breakout” terms.

The third tool is
If you want to save money on stock photos and expensive graphic design software like Photoshop then you can use As a digital marketer, it’s really essential that you make images for your Facebook ads, blog posts, and YouTube tutorials. You want to be able to do that yourself quickly so that you can make changes and adjustments. Canva really allows you to do that. They have all these templates, for example, a Facebook post. You can drag and drop them, you can change the colors, you can change the text very easily and this way you can really create those eye-catching images. Some basic graphic design skills are really essential to a digital marketer.

The fourth tool is a Chrome extension called vidIQ:
This is a tool for YouTube. You know YouTube is the second biggest website in the world and the second biggest search engine in the world. So if you want to get traffic and build an audience on the second business biggest website in the world then vidIQ is a tool that would really help you to do this.
If you are considering making a video on a topic, for example, Google Analytics. You just type that into the search bar in YouTube and then vid IQ, once you’ve got the Chrome extension installed, brings up all this extra information at the side. You can see, under the keyword score, that the term “Google Analytics” gets a huge amount of search volume on YouTube. If you now want to create a video on this topic you can now see if you have a good chance of getting to the top of the search results in YouTube because you can see the stats and see if there is a lot of competition and what the search volume is. And there’s a lot of other things you can do it vidIQ. Click Here if you would like to create a FREE account. VidIQ is a great tool especially if you want to focus then on video marketing and YouTube marketing.

The fifth and final tool that we’ll look at is the “Keyword Everywhere“:
Again this is a Chrome extension so you need to be using the Chrome browser for this.
Once you’ve got it installed you’re gonna see this metric, “search volume per month”, under the search bar in Google. So if you want to create a video or a blog post and you are looking for a title now you can see how many searches per month your keyword has.  Let’s say you want to use the title “Online Marketing Course” and 5000 people are searching for it a month. But 9000 people are searching for the title “The Best Online Marketing Course”. It’s just one word difference but 4000 people more are searching for that term. You can use this tool on a daily basis to test the name of products and blog posts ideas to really make sure that you’re appealing to the broadest audience possible.

Set those tools up for yourself so you can really use them to grow business and get incredible results with your digital marketing.

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