I would like to tell you about a WordPress plugin which I’ve been using for a number of years now. The reason I use this plug-in is to help me with the editing of WordPress posts. In WordPress, we’ve got the normal text editor. The problem is it can be hard to format text because it is quite limited. They don’t give you much stuff to play with as far as formatting. We can’t even choose the size of the font, we can’t choose the actual font itself without going into WordPress theme settings. You’ve got bold and italic and that’s about it. If we want we can center things but it’s very limited. It would be much better if we could have more features so we would be able to edit WordPress posts better and make them look nice.

So I’ve been using a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced.
It’s a free plug-in and it has more features to edit your posts. The great thing about tiny MCE Advanced is you can control the toolbar. There are various rows for the different toolbars and when you start using it you can see there are lots of different things which we can add. For example, insert the date and time into a post, add a strikethrough, you could put a smiley face in there, etc. It really depends on how you like to edit your post. There are lots of different options. There are also things I’ve never even used. The main thing I use it for is so I can choose the font and choose the size. But sometimes there are other things which you might want to do.

TinyMCE advanced is a really useful tool for WordPress websites. It’s a free plugin. I just thought I’d mention it to you because it’s something I’ve been using for a number of years and it’s just makes editing of WordPress posts so much easier.

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