Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Bart Rush and I make a living online. I am a digital product creator and business consultant. I love the online business and automated income?

For years, I worked a 9-5 job (or more accurately 7-6), owned a few bars and restaurants and was fortunate enough to be fairly successful.

However, I knew something was missing…


This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy my old jobs, I did. But I knew that it could never deliver me real independence.

So, in June 2010 I began experimenting online.

Coming from literally zero knowledge of the internet and how to make money on it, the first few months were a massive learning curve and also pretty frustrating. But I kept at it. I started building and promoting my own websites to sell affiliate products, and now own some 20 or so websites that sell a wide range of goods and services.

Having got these sites my attention then focused on how to cost-effectively promote them, so I have been through the whole Keyword/Pay-Per-Click/Article Marketing/Outsource backlinks approach, and while not an expert I am pretty comfortable with what I know about these techniques, their costs and their effectiveness.

For me, it was then a logical step to develop my own products, and I hope, with the help from John Thornhills Partnership to Success program, to have my first product by the end of this year!!

This site is my personal blog. It’s going to contain my thoughts on internet marketing, business automation, and other spontaneous posts.

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All the best,