I am going to share with you some different options that you can use for traffic when it comes to affiliate marketing. There are many sources of traffic for affiliate marketing and it really comes down to:
Do you have more time or more money?
If you have a lot of money or more money to invest in your business you can be doing paid ads like Facebook Ads or Google ads.

With Facebook ads, it is hard to get away with running an ad for the make money online niche or business opportunity but there are definitely ways around it.
For example, you can be talking more about the laptop lifestyle versus make money online and that’s a more creative way that your ads will get approved on Facebook. But watch out Facebook is watching!!
Also with Facebook ads, people are not searching for something like they are with Google Ads.
On Facebook, you are targeting them but they were just scrolling on Facebook looking at social media. So you have to give them a really compelling reason to want to stop their scrolling and look at your ad.

But with Google ads, people are searching exactly for what they want and your ad could be showing in their search results.
But with that, you are competing with everyone else doing Google ads. But it is much more targeted, especially if you use exact keywords or long tail keywords. An example of an exact keyword is “weightloss”. The long tail version can be “how to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks without exercise”. 

The next one is solo ads. These are really easy. You pay-per-click from someone else’s list. So let’s say you want to buy a hundred clicks, you buy a hundred clicks from a solo ad vendor. These vendors already have email lists of people interested in making money online or online marketing tools or business opportunities.
You pay them per click so that’s a fast way to get traffic. But it’s also very cold traffic because these people have no idea who you are so you’ve really got to warm them up with your email follow-up and with your funnel.

I like to use solo ads as a test to see if my funnel is viable at all. If it works with solo ads it’s gonna work even better with my warm traffic.
This warm traffic is more social media. That’s using organic Facebook and Facebook groups, being in facebook groups, having my own Facebook group, having subscribers on Instagram and connections on LinkedIn and on Twitter, having subscribers on youtube. And then YouTube also ties into search engine optimization people searching for something and they find your YouTube video or people searching for something on Google and finding your blog or your website.

I like to do a mix of paid ads and organic methods. I say organic methods because it still can cost money because I personally really don’t have the time or the desire to be doing all the things organically.
For social media methods, I can hire virtual assistants to help me with that so my time can be focused on creating content, like videos or blog posts.
If you are the only one who can make a video you can pay someone to help rank the video for SEO and distribute it online. There are only 24 hours in a day, so if you can…Outsource.

I suggest trying all the traffic methods that sound good to you because you’re also want to do what’s fun for you. If you trying Google Ads and don’t like it and spending time on Twitter and LinkedIn it’s not really your thing, maybe you should focus on YouTube videos. I hope you get my point!

I will have more posts with more specific details about those different traffic methods.
Try it out see what feels good to you.
Find out what’s fun, see what works, track your numbers and just don’t give up.
Don’t be married to one traffic method either. It is good to not put all your eggs in one basket and have variety.
And if you’re just starting just focus on a few but eventually as you grow your business you’ll have more resources to be able to outsource more.


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