It’s estimated that there is one blog for every seven people on the planet. That is a LOT of blogs.
How do you stand apart from the crowd?

The answer isn’t quantity, it’s quality.

Common blogging advice is to look at what others are doing successfully and post something similar. But in today’s world, that will NOT get you noticed.
Instead, go for originality and quality. Find a new take or angle on something that no one else is writing about yet. You won’t create as many posts this way, but the ones you do write will find an audience. And keep in mind: Google now also ranks content based on freshness. This means two things: Timing – how recently was it published? And also…Originality – is it different? Is it something that hasn’t been written before?
While everyone else is running in circles spouting the same stuff over and over again, strive to leave that circle and head out in your own direction, saying something new, relevant and exciting.

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