Probably as we speak, someone is visiting your website.

This is most likely a person who is very interested in what you have to say, what you are selling. They look at your offers and articles, they click your links……… This is a targeted visitor!!

But then…

They click away from your page. Maybe they want to come back to your site, even bookmarked it.
But once they leave your site, there is a good chance you’ve lost them forever.
If you are a good marketer you know you should have an optin-in form somewhere on your website to capture your visitor’s email and get them on your mailing list.
But once they’ve opted-in, or even if they didn’t opt-in and trying to leave the site you need to give them a last-chance opportunity to an offer, for example, a free lead-magnet product.

Think about this…

A reason why they don’t join your list when they arrive on your site is they don’t know if you are worth listening to, you haven’t built value to them.
Maybe that changed while visiting your site.
Just because you offered them something before and they didn’t take it, doesn’t mean you can’t offer them the same when they are trying to leave.
You might end up with a few sales when you put the right offer to your exit traffic.

But, what is the right offer?

If you put the same lead magnet to all of your visitors you might end up with a few subscribers. But the best way is to give them an offer directly related to whatever they were just viewing. Now you really can get good conversion rates!!

For example, if your visitor was just looking at your sales page to make money online videos, then you can offer them one video for free if they join your list.
Or if your visitor was reading a blog post about Facebook Traffic, then offer them a free report on the same topic.
The point is, You will get a better conversion rate if you have a more targeted offer.

How do you “capture” exit traffic?

It sounds difficult to redirect exit traffic to a special offer but it is easy if you follow the next three steps:

Step 1: Set up a lead page.

You need an autoresponder. I personally use Aweber but GetResponse, MailChimp or any other email service provider will do just fine.
And of course, you need a web page to promote your offer and show your opt-in form.
If you don’t know how to do this, take a look at
You can set up a lead page with just a few clicks.




Step 2: Choose a targeted offer.

I mentioned this before, you’ll get much better results if you set up multiple offers and sent the traffic to the offers most related to what your visitors were just viewing.
Make sure your lead magnet is valuable to them and it’s something they really want. It needs to be something that can lead to a paid product purchase.

Step 3: Redirect visitors.

This is the part most people think “I can’t do this”.
But you don’t need any technical experience or need to create any code. Just use Conversion Gorilla, which will handle all the redirects for you. It’s that easy.

And now the final question…

I was telling you before about all the traffic you need for your site and now you are probably wondering where to get all this traffic?
This “exit traffic” needs to come from somewhere. And if you don’t have enough traffic yet, you need to start generating this targeted traffic.

Here’s how to do it:






You can join for FREE and this the best way to discover how two of the net’s top marketers bring in a steady stream of traffic every day of the week – and how you can do it too.
So check it out at the link above, and do it now before this offer disappears.

All the best,

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