Fifteen years ago it was really easy to build a big list fast. Because email was still a bit of a novelty to a lot of people, so they freely gave their email address away in exchange for a cheap report and a newsletter.

These days it’s not the way things work. But the problem is, there are still list building reports out there with strategies from 15 years ago. And even some new reports teach this rehashed information, simply because the product creator hasn’t built a list in the last decade.

This is why the list builders of today make so many mistakes. And the one mistake you don’t want to make is to offer a crappy lead magnet to get someones email address.

You don’t want to give away some old, dusty PLR report from 2005.  Don’t use an old resel rights report that everybody has seen because it has been on the market for ages.  And don’t even think about offering something cheap just because you’re giving it away for free.

If you do any of these things you can kiss your dream of having a five or six figure lists goodbye.

If you want to succeed you have to create lead magnets that really attract targeted prospects who really want to join your list and click your links. Take a look…

Tip 1: Give Subscribers What They Want

Don’t guess what your potential subscribers want. Get into action and do some research.
Go to marketplaces like Clickbank, Warrior Forum, JVZoo or Amazon. Find the best sellers for this moment and then create something similar to offer for free. If people are willing to spend money on a product, a weight loss guide or a make money online guide, they will certainly take action when you offer it for free.

Tip 2: Create Something People Will Refer To Over And Over Again

If a subscriber uses your lead magnet product again and again, the more they’ll see your company name, ads and offers.  That’s why you’ll want to create a resource or tool that they’ll use more than once. For example:

• A gear list.
• A checklist.
• An app or other piece of software.

Maybe you were thinking about an ebook or report. That’s fine. But make sure this ebook or report includes something people will refer to often.  For example, if it’s a weight loss report, then you might include meal plans and recipes.

Next tip…

Tip 3: Make It Valuable

Make sure your lead magnet is valuable as well. I mean, give them something you can easily charge $25 to $100 for or maybe even more.
Sure, you can give away a cheap product as a lead magnet but you have to think the other way around.
If you give away a free product that is better then a product other´s are selling, it will boost your opt-in rate, your backend conversion and your subscribers will rush to buy what you are offering to them.

Bottom Line…

A lead magnet needs to live up to its name so that it attracts prospects. But your lead magnet also needs to work hard for you to convert these prospects into cash-paying customers. If you use the tips above, you’ll be well on your way to creating lead magnets that builds big lists.

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