A few years ago, when I wanted to get started with internet marketing, I bought my first online course. It was a big investment for me. I think it cost me about $1000, but a whole new world opened up for me. I had my first live webinar, had to set up my own website, I was an active member in an online coaching group, I had to apply to platforms like JVZoo and Clickbank etc.

Coming from literally zero knowledge of the internet and how to make money on it, the first few months were a massive learning curve and also pretty frustrating. But I kept at it. I started building and promoting my own websites to sell affiliate products, and now own some 20 or so websites that sell a wide range of goods and services.

Selling other people products is great. No inventory, No helpdesk, No problems.
I have to say, I am doing OK. But I want to do better…..

The thing is, all of the time I’ve been doing this I’ve never thought about creating my own product.
Because creating a product is only for a handful of people, the educated, really smart people with lots of money. Not a regular guy like me.

But one day, I was watching this webinar, and this guy with a funny accent was talking about creating your own products and he was telling me:





I can’t really explain what happened next but I had this gut feeling I needed to know more about it.
It was suddenly so clear to me that the next logical step was to develop my own products.
So I signed up for John Thornhills Partnership to Success program.

I am just starting out but I hope, with the help from him and his team and all the others in the support group, to have my first product by the end of this year!

On this blog, I will keep you posted on my progress.
Follow me on my journey as this “regular guy” hopefully creates his first OWN Product.




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